New Visions Gallery: Metalpoint Selections from the Estate of Don LaViere Turner

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.08.23 AMBorn in Milwaukee in 1929, Wisconsin native Don LaViere Turner established his reputation as a graphic and fine artist under the tutelage of John Wilde and later in his career redefined the art of metal point drawing.

Metal point is often considered a forgotten art, an unsung hero of drawing media and an ancestor of the modern pencil where a small, sharpened metal rod (lead, silver, copper or gold) is used for drawing precise compositions on a prepared surface. Don LaViere Turner was a master of this medium; a collection from the estate of the artist will be on display. For an in-depth look at the artistry of the metalpoint technique, the National Gallery of Art has shared this video with us: “Drawing in Silver and Gold.”

Enjoy the presentation here.

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