ICH_Finance_022015_160Finance – Finance Director Keith Strey talks City of Marshfield finance with host Carrie Lippert.


ICH_Library_022015_160Marshfield Public Library – Host Carrie Lippert talks with Marshfield Public Library Director Lori Belongia about library operations, financing, and projects.


ICH_MfldUtilities_022015_160Marshfield Utlities – General Manager Bob Trussoni talks about the operations and funding of Marshfield Utilities and how it fits in with the City of Marshfield.


ICH_Street_022015_160Street Division – Street Superintendent Brian Panzer talks about funding, snow removal, and much more in this episode of Inside City Hall with host Carrie Lippert.


ICH_Technology_022015_160Technology – Eng Ng, Director of Technology, talks with host Carrie Lippert about the City’s Information Technology department, including the City’s fiber network and the general day-to-day operations.

ICH_Wastewater_022015_160Wastewater – Superintendent Sam Warp and Assistant Superintendent Mark Kivela talk with host Carrie Lippert about how the City’s Wastewater department operates.


ICH_Airport_Feb2015_160Marshfield Municipal Airport – Manager Jeff Gaier talks to host Carrie Lippert about the operations & history of Marshfield Municipal Airport.